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Learn how I made meditation part of my regular chronic pain management program by reading this blog post and this blog post.


Meditation App:

Insight Meditation – This is the most popular Meditation app out there and it is FREE. My meditations are hosted on the app. It has thousands of guided meditations. The app also has a meditation bell option to just meditate silently. Whatever way you decide to meditate, the app provides stats and rewards for your meditation practice. I administer a group in this app call “Chronic Pain & Illness Meditation Group” so that people using meditation for their chronic pain can have a place to share resources and connect. If you want to join just search for the title I mentioned.

Pain Meditation CDs/Downloads:
Jon Kabat Zinn – Mindfulness Meditations for Pain Relief
Peter A. Levine – Freedom from Pain CD or download

Free online chronic pain meditations:
Yoga and Meditations for Pain Relief
 – Numerous free meditations and yoga practices for those with chronic pain – from Stanford University
Mindfulness Meditation downloads – UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Centre

You are Not Your Pain – Using Mindfulness to Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress, and Restore Well-Being
by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman

Click here to link to my Chronic Pain Meditation playlist on YouTube

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