Choose Your GUIDING WORD for 2018 is a FREE 5-day e-course to help you choose a word to set your focus for managing your chronic pain &/or chronic illness in the year ahead. The intention is that your chosen word will help you to improve your physical and emotional health and wellness by:

~renewing your hope
~focusing you on what you need to do for your body, soul, and heart
~easing the intensity of your emotions
~calming and grounding you
~keeping you motivated

In the years I’ve been choosing a word for the year, my physical and mental health, has certainly benefited. Some of my previous words – BE (I have used this a couple of years) and EASE have provided me with grounding, calm and peace. They led me to adopt healthy practices such as pacing and meditation. Other words such as STRENGTH and COURAGE bolstered me up when I needed emotional support to face my health challenges and encouraged me to ask for help. I’m looking forward to discovering how my word for next year will help me with my chronic pain in the year ahead.

The more years I choose a word, the more I understand why it’s such a valuable practice to do each year. I want to share with you how powerful having a guiding word can be and help you figure out just the perfect one for your year ahead.

Choose Your GUIDING WORD for Health and Wellness is a FREE 5-day e-course to help you figure out your guiding word for the coming year.

~Five emails over 5 days filled with a variety of exercises including journalling and visualization.
~A private Facebook group where we can brainstorm together and share our words (joining this group is optional but I highly recommend it!)

NEXT SESSION:  December 2018

“This was absolutely another amazing course and experience with Stephanie Blumensaat! A five day course with guidance and encouragement along the way, using a mindful process to reach our own guiding word for 2016. A word that expresses our innermost needs to reach further healing within ourselves. Every day and step asks you to dig a little deeper while challenging you to ask yourself some of the harder questions. I won’t give away the entire course, because that would be no fun for everyone else. But the end result and understanding you take away from this course is absolutely worth the experience!” ~Christy

“I really thought I started the Stephanie’s Choose Your Guiding Word E-Course with an open mind, yet I was completely surprised at what I learned in that short week. Looking back, I realized I started this course with rather low expectations. But the benefits I received were immense. Stephanie’s clear instructions and thought-provoking questions made this course rich in experience. If you have chronic pain, take this e-course. Think of this as another tool to empower you as you live with your condition. Stephanie makes this powerful process seem simple. You’ll have a greater insight and a wider perspective of your possibilities when the course is through. Don’t be intimidated. Give yourself this gift.” – Monica